Messenger Plus Extension

3.63.148 สำหรับ

Free plugin with more functions for your MSN Messenger



Messenger Plus! Extension is an amazing program which powers up, improves and adds new features to your MSN Messenger.

Messenger Plus! will add a new option to your MSN messenger main window which you will access to the new options from.

Some of the improvements that Messenger Plus! will add to your MSN Messenger will be:

Custom your status 'not available' and 'away' that your contacts can read if they send you a message.

Generate logs with your conversations and save them as .txt

You will be able to write upon 1100 characters.

It saves all the status changes that your contacts do.

If you still use MSN Messenger the Plus! you need is this.

If you are messenger addict... What are you waiting for download it?!